FC Barcelona – Celta Vigo 2:2

Barcelona’s footballers failed to win for the second time in a row and Celta Vigo won only a 2-2 draw. Celestes at Camp Nou led, but Barcelona turned the result after the beautiful events. But the final word was Celestes and Max Gomez for a quarter-hour Energybet before the end of the final 2: 2. Barcelona is still ahead, but its lead can be thinner after Valencia.

Barcelona was a clear favorite, on the other hand, Celta Vigo was able to play offensive, so the home did not expect easy work. Celta even favored annoyingly. Everything began with Aspas, who passed the balloon in front of Sisto, which was greatly captured by Stegen. Anyway, Aspas got to the finish line and the German goalie could not intervene. Celta Vigo was pleased with the leadership for just one minute. Barcelona immediately showed a quick one-touch Energybet action and who, other than Lionel Messi, scored a 1: 1 underground shot.

Greater superiority was anticipated by Barcelona, ​​but the possession of the ball with a relatively large absence of shooting did not make any difference. Viewers at Camp Nou could not score more goals after the change of sides.

In the 62nd minute Barcelona Celtu offensive dismantled for the Energybet “welcome bonus”second time, and it was loaded into the last screw. Messi’s penetration pass sent Alba ahead of the goal and Luis Suarez brought the leadership to the side of the Catalans. A moment later, Messi was well-headed and there was not much to go by, and Barca could definitely confirm its victory.

But the game eventually had another scenario. Celta certainly did not give up, and in the 70th minute it made it 2: 2. Iago Aspas has done another great job, and Maxi Gomez finishing his Celestes fans. Barcelona was inconvenient and the Catalans had the chance to lead again if Gerard Piqué finished off his hockey loop in an empty goal. Stoper Barcy missed Energybet the cage and Barcelona did not have a better chance in the match.

With 86 minutes played, Viga Hernández could have brought this one home for Stegen as he charged up on the left, but his hooked ball went just a bit too high. For Barcelona, ​​the final draw is a big loss and her lead on LaLiga’s lead may be thinner. Everything is in his hands Valencia.