Hemski enjoys in Dallas. I want to play the Stanley Cup, she wishes

Hemsky has shown an example in a new location. On Wednesday’s Preliminary Match, he chose a 4: 3 victory on Florida ice with a single transformed raid. He also received assistance in the match. Read more about preparing for NHL HERE

It is not, of course, a statistic that could produce an extensive analysis with a specific result, but it indicates that Hemski might belong in the upcoming season To star stars.

The transfer of the Czech chic from the Canadian capital to the desert of Texas has also attracted overseas reporters. In pre-seasonal analyzes, Hemski’s name appears several times.Maybe tsn.ca points out that since 2009 Hemský has not managed to cross the 50 points, he has scored 17 points (4 + 13) in the last 20 games in Ottawa last year.

According to the Canadian server, the productivity of the Czech striker can increase collaboration with the twin young hope Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin. Or is there a “very strong” backup option with Jason Spezzou. “The espn.com server also claims that Hemski in Dallas” has a chance to prove he still belongs to the top of the league. ”

” We have Really a lot of good options. That was one of the reasons why I decided in Dallas in the summer.We have very good centers and other players are good, we have a really strong team, “said Hemski for the club site. “The boys in the cabin are very enjoyable and I’m trying to enjoy all the time here.”

Hemist optimistic words could only be uttered in respect of the employer, on the other hand, the Stars list does not look vain. Last year, Dallas finally fought for play-off after five years, and now he would like to take a step further.

There is a lot of power in the attack. In addition to the players mentioned, we can add Valeriy Nikushkin, a 19-year-old Russian, or Cody Eakin, in the center of the third formation.Also important was the arrival of Spezza. “He’s one of the best players in the NHL and those on the market are not much,” said General Manager Jim Nill.

“He is in the best years, he should be the leader of the team. I think he could complete offer of internet entertainment move us further. ”

Hemsky is probably delighted to see he is not one of the oldest. For the Oilers around him were talented boys, but there was usually no one to direct the young men. The Dallas farmer, Texas Stars, won the Calder Cup and the skeleton of the team is made up of young hockey players, but the cadet is suitably complemented.

Hemski opens the possibility of playing NHL play-off after nine years.By the way, he ended up with Edmonton just before the finish. “You have to be hungry every time,” says the 2005 World Champion. “When playing hockey in the NHL, you have to go to play-off and win the Stanley Cup. That’s the goal. “