Ricciardo wished he would stay at the back. The forward move damaged him

The Ferrari team has changed the gearbox in Kimi Räikkönen’s car until the day of the race, and Fin had to give up five jobs on the grid for a new piece. He fell from the third bar to the eighth. Daniel Ricciardo has improved from fifth place to Saturday on the fourth. However, the sports betting bonus right side of the runway is outside the track, but the asphalt was wet after the rain.

“When this morning came Kimi’s punishment, maybe it looked like a big deal. But it was different. When I saw the right half of the track, I wished I did not get any penalization, “Ricciardo said.

It might be a problem, but that was not all. In addition, the Australian was just behind Lewis Hamilton, who did not make the start.And Ricciardo stayed on the grid hanging with him. “Lewis had a terrible tap, I had to take him around. Perez got ahead of me. Then I was a lot slower for the slower riders, I came up with more than fifteen seconds. “While Max Verstappen and the second Red Bull moved the Ferrari penalties to the third place at the start and comfortably at the finish Ricciardo had a failed race in the race with Hamilton and both Ferrari riders, and had to settle for the sixth bar in the finish. Ricciardo was not fully satisfied with his car.He is sure his engine does not perform as he should. Allegedly, he did not qualify for the second Red Bull car, and that’s why Sebastian Vettel was so easy to drive around the 130R after the start bookmaker bonus of the turn 130R.

“We have to look pretty, but on the straight lacking performance. That is why I was unable to consult Pérez in the first section of the race, who was ahead of me, “explained Ricciardo, who finished the Grand Prix with a loss of almost half a minute to team mate Max Verstappen. That is why he had to explain all loudly that the outcome of the race influenced other factors than his performance.