Schalke 04 – 1. FC Köln 2:2

Schalke in the derby against Köln twice led, but in the end, the second draw was born in a row about the mutual duels of these two units. However, the goats still miss 11 points in the first non-stalemate. S04 will be the worst four after fourteen rounds.

The home team started a lot of work and in the 2nd minute they made the initial attempt on the Naldo account. But he was walking beside him. Konopljanka was more Betclic online betting promotions precise for another two minutes, but Timo Horn did not get over it. A third chance was to direct Burgstaller to Harit’s incitement to the bar. Only guests at the end of the first ten minutes. Yuya Osako did not have a chance.

Opportunities were visible on both sides. It took 36 minutes. Meyer sent a nice curve to Daniel Caligiuri’s lime. The goalie reduced the lead to 1 – 0 with Guido Burgstaller coming in from the right, but the shot Betclic went just wide.

So the Königsblauen walked in the dressing room with a slight lead, which had disappeared after five minutes of the second act. Jojić’s direct kick dipped forward to the gate where Sehrou Guirassa finished with the left. Ralf Fährmann did attempt a finish, but from an awkward position, sending the ball into the away fans. 1 – 1 The duel of these two players was repeated ten minutes later after Osako did a good job. The man in the gloves was more Betclic successful this time.

In the 62nd minute, Kozli totally did not Unibet catch the slow action of Tedes’s team, which ended with a ground shot at the back of Amine Harit’s back stick on 2: 1. But the leadership lasted for just five minutes. After a long car in lime, he played Benjamin Stambouli and kicked a penalty kick.

Her execution was taken over by Sehrou Guirassa behind a massive tribute. Although the missile was not the most accurate, but because it did not miss the shot, it was compared – 2: 2. In the 82rd minute, Goretzka and Özcan left the Zidan and Materazz Unibet online free bets confrontation in the 2006 World Cup, with the French footballer representing Schalke. Surprisingly, it was without a red card.

However, one of the Veltins Arena had seen at the set time. It was Yuya Osako who made her a crush on her sixteenth opponent. For three minutes set, the numeric benefits were not enough, so Stöger’s squadron is still waiting for the first prize. Is he coming to Freiburg for a week? Will Schalke manage another derby, this time with Borussia Mönchengladbach?