The material and sole of the first footwear of the child

Soft woven booties, beautiful decorative white shoes shoes babies almost from day one. But the first “adult” and “real” shoes for your child consider boots and shoes for the very first independent steps in the apartment or on the street. Let’s find out what you need to pay attention to when choosing shoes for toddlers just starting to walk.

The model and the completeness of the shoes
Children’s foot needs to be in the shoes of a well-fixed, but it requires a straps that can be adjusted. If the choice is between the closed fingers and open better, when they covered a little bit. Because physiologically it is on the fingers, there is just the basic load.

All podiatrists recommend first shoes with a solid heel. So, perfect choice for home and warm weather is partially closed sandals with straps with Velcro.

The material and sole of the first footwear of the child
The material from which made shoes, should be natural. The baby’s legs need to breathe and not sweat. Regulation of the autonomic nervous system in children is not yet established, the centers of thermoregulation, too, because kids often sweat. From walking with wet feet would not be good. Sweaty fingers can slide inside the Shoe and wet socks give a feeling of discomfort. Soles of shoes should be flexible (moderately soft), corrugated and not slippery.

Size first shoes for baby
Kids feet grow very quickly, so take a larger size, as big. But the stock should be no more than an inch little foot (without a sock). Of course, the shoes can not slap back. And the main thing – that she is not squeezing the foot, especially on the sides, at the widest part of the foot.

New, but cheap, or branded, but used?
Of course, the brand children’s shoes is expensive. It is not surprising that the pragmatic mothers strive to save. Besides, many women have older kids or girlfriends with kids, which left a lot of things that can still be used.
How to choose the first shoes for baby
But there is a rule: shoes for small children should only be new. Children’s foot grows, is formed gait and Shoe worn by someone the child already has its own form peculiar to the predecessor. Besides, she might be wrong.

Soles of shoes everyone wears in different ways. As they say, the child needs to break in shoes by itself. Therefore it is better to purchase a new inexpensive option shoes than wearing for someone.

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